Good job officer!

Wed, Aug 5, 2009

Noted Behavior

Every once in a while, when you see an act of kindness, it reaffirms your belief in humanity.  I was simply driving to my office going north on Highway 101 when I see a highway patrol officer in front of me (I tend to drive a little faster than I should).  I catch up to the officer as he takes the same exit as I do.

The Stop

The patrol officer is on a marked motorcycle in full uniform.  The exit has two lanes which permits a left-hand turn.  And at the stop light of the Brokaw Rd exit, there is a stalled VW minivan blocking the far left lane with the driver standing next to an open drivers’ door trying to push and steer his vehicle.  The officer changes lane and pulls up behind the VW minivan.  He switches on his flashing head and taillights and slowly gets off his motorcycle.

Wow, God Job Officer!

The patrol officer proceeds to the rear of the stalled VW minivan and shouts at the driver, “when the light turns green, you’ll have to change lanes, so watch out for oncoming traffic.”  And as the stop light changes, the patrol officer places his hands on the rear tailgate of the VW minivan, and leans into the vehicle helping to push it forward to get the vehicle through the intersection and off of the road.  Wow, good job officer!

Shame on me for thinking that the patrol officer was about to issue a ticket for owning a vehicle that broke down on the road.  Or that the driver was about to be subjected to field sobriety tests at 1:00pm on a bright Tuesday afternoon.

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