My Favorite Web Applications

Mon, Oct 19, 2009

My Favorite Things

I was about to write about all the cool and wondering web applications available free on the internet, but was distracted while downloading some movies. So I’ll have to leave things as they are. Til then, caio.

Cool stuff from Google

Now where were we. Some of the best stuff out there is from the search engine giant Google. They have a huge assortment of quality apps such as: gmail, google apps (including google sites, google docs, and google calendar.) But my favorite service from Google is the new Google Voice service. If you check out the features, its truly amazing that they can provide so much for free.

Free Fax Sending Services

Next on my list of useful web application is the free fax via internet services:

Although limited to 3 pages per fax, this generally doesn’t impose a problem for your average personal user.  And it sure beats having to find a fax machine, i.e. using Kinko’s,  All you need is a scanner, or high quality digital camera to turn your paper fax into a digital format that can be uploaded to their website.

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